Is it time to load in already?

Lynyrd Skynyrd Webley Rehearsals

Jumped on a short 3 week tour with Lynyrd Skynyrd around Europe and the UK. A lovely crew from across the pond and some old school rock!

Started out with some arena gigs around Germany, onto some heavy metal festivals (deafening), then into the UK with Status Quo as support. I toured with the Quo back in the late nineties so it was great to see some old faces. Including Francis who had a brief chat with Smudger over FaceTime.

Is it time to load in already?

Had to do some proper engineering on the FOH camera when the Focus demand gave out and poor Anna had to run the show with manual focus. The demand was cross hired in from XXX, so no real surprise there I guess.

The LD had a contact who works as a Gatekeeper in Parliament and arranged a private tour for the band and crew, what a great day off, really interesting place to visit with tons of history. We got to stand amongst the benches in the House of Commons, but we weren’t allowed to sit on the benches or even slouch over them like a certain over egoed politician. Sadly no photos allowed in the Commons either.

Took a call about a tour of Asia with Westlife, sorry Smudger you can’t come!

  • My ride for the night
  • Doltyn, the band photographer
  • Helfest, the loudest place on earth
  • Random technical stuff
  • Anna running manual focus
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd band and crew
  • Skynyrd video crew
  • The Skynyrd crew in Westminster Hall
  • Westminster Hall Roof
  • Inside Westminster
  • Lovely day for a private tour
  • Spaceinvader, street art at its best
  • Sorry Smudger you can’t go on tour