Tim Brennan & Ian Smith Address the Parliamentary Briefing Monday 8th Feb 2021

The videos below are Tim Brennan & Ian Smith addressing the Parliamentary Briefing on Monday 8th Feb. Present were:o Tim Brennan, Petition Creator & Freelancero Ian Smith, Frusion Management & UKE Arts Work o Louise Richards, Executive Director of Motionhouse o Eliza Carthy MBE, Folk Singer o Howard Goodall CBE, Composer o Fish (Derek Dicks), Singer-songwriter, Marillion o Sacha Lord, … Continue reading “Tim Brennan & Ian Smith Address the Parliamentary Briefing Monday 8th Feb 2021”

We Need Your Help

Are you a touring professional that works in the EU which after Brexit will present problems with visas / work permits /carnets? We need your help! As you may know we are blogging bits and pieces about our ongoing Carry On Touring campaign which is the campaign formed around the petition ‘Seek Europe-wide Visa-free work … Continue reading “We Need Your Help”


 IMMEDIATE RELEASE TUESDAY 9TH FEBRUARY 2021  CARRY ON TOURING Minister bitterly disappoints campaigners on the need for free movement for touring artists  Cross-party MPs, Peers and campaigners rallied behind Tim Brennan’s Petition yesterday. The petition’s debate in Parliament saw MP, after MP, making the case for visa free touring across the EU. In response, Digital … Continue reading “PRESS RELEASE”

The Petitioners response to the debate.

I was absolutely moved by the passionate speeches given by a varied cross party range of MP’s. It shows that it’s not just those 283,000 signatories, musicians artist and crew that have a real passion for live music and the creative industries as a whole. But I have to say that I am very disappointed … Continue reading “The Petitioners response to the debate.”


Proposed solution from my colleague Ian Smith detailed discussion doc, outlined in press last week -Updated February 10th 2021 Creating the petition for the visa free travel has propelled the issue of Music touring in the EU27 after Brexit well and truly into the limelight, with over 283,000 signatures, and huge press coverage that is … Continue reading “KEEP THE SHOW ON THE ROAD FOR ALL CREATIVE TOURING PROFESSIONALS.”

A Gobby Technician’s Speech in Full.

Not being able to get my point across because of being drowned out is not going to deter me. If I upset you then I’m sorry, but, I feel fucking passionate about my industry and the role I play in it and I’m not going to be told to pipe down. On Thursday I was … Continue reading “A Gobby Technician’s Speech in Full.”

Who is this Tim Brennan anyway?

Here’s a little about me and what I do! I have been a freelance video tech for around 30 years, broadly speaking I deal with the large video screens that you see at gigs. That can include anything from being a multi-camera live vision director for Peter Gabriel, MeatLoaf, Lady Gaga (UK) and Neil Sedaka. … Continue reading “Who is this Tim Brennan anyway?”

Arrangements for touring professionals and artists in the EU

Today saw the Petitions Committee discussing Arrangements for touring professionals and artists in the EU You can watch the session by clicking the link below: https://parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/1af4f09c-3853-4819-a6ac-80bd08436939?fbclid=IwAR1Bwffz0l4-6ZKqNYLF3k4xgwpZDdiXv7xQ9qx7XYm7P4jyCgyRhByN4lc

The Petition Explainer

Why Freedom of Movement was so important to music touring and why will UK based techs be at a disadvantage. There are three types of music touring that I as a UK passport holding Tech am involved with. The first is “Own Show’, this is when an artist will tour performing shows in clubs, arenas … Continue reading “The Petition Explainer”

Like a rolling stone

Seek Europe-wide Visa-free work permit for Touring professionals and Artists – Petition Update When I first put pen to paper and created the petition to Parliament calling for visa-free touring in Europe for artists and crew, I had no real clue of what I was letting myself in for. As I’ve said previously, I don’t … Continue reading “Like a rolling stone”