Timmo’s Lockdown Planters

Recently I made some planters from an old pallet I scrounged off a neighbour.

Timmo’s lockdown pallet planters

For some reason, people seem to like them and asked me to make a video of how i made them. So here goes.

Timmo’s Lockdown Planters.

Actually you need 9 x 60cm bits, 3 for each side and 3 for the bottom.

For each planter:
9 x 60cm x 100mm x 22mm timber.
6 x 30cm x 100mm x 22mm timber.
4 x 40cm x 47mm x 47mm timber.
Some deck screws so they don’t rot.
Paint or stain in a colour of your choice.
Some old rope for the handles. Optional.
Some dirt for stuff to grow in.
Some plants to grow i the dirt.

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